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So these most recent pages left me reeling a little, and I got lost. Who is that in the capsule? Faevv’s mom?

Since the back pages are working now, I looked and found the missing 5 pages have nothing to do with the body in the trunk. Looking further, I would assume it was that still-unknown woman Merlu brought to show First to remind him of his humanity.

The last visible tumblr page is 43-08, and this is 43-14, meaning there are 5 pages not accounted for. Quite a bit can happen in 5 pages, especially when you’re wrapping things up for the end of the story!

Yeah you might have to back up a few pages to get caught up — let me know if I missed any. I had to switch filing systems and with this many pages it gets confusing. The woman in the capsule is not named though, nor do I intend to name her in the comic. She’s a reference to a piece of the story you haven’t seen yet, (that’s what I get for messing with time travel) and I put her in here only as a bridge to some other projects that are still in development.

I can’t back up at all. I hit the back arrows, even the one to go to the first page and I get nothing.

Oh, weird. It works for me. Try refreshing the main domain landing page and see if it works there. Could be a browser issue?

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